30th August 2017

Bully analysis

You saw him standing there, afraid. He struggled to hold back his tears, filled with panic and distress. A boy, collapsing within from the endless abuse he faces. The threat becomes more and more certain as the aggressive lump, the bully, closes in. For months you’ve noticed him prowling around the school yard, seeking his targets, separating them from their friends and beating them up. He was left to cause ruckus without any disturbance, no one had the nerve to stand up to his contentious tactics as they crushed individuals one by one with freedom and ease. The boy trembled lightly, trying to mask his fear from the predator, the winter air was sharp yet streaks of sweat continued to dash down his forehead as the inevitable approached with conviction. “Why don’t you leave me in peace? I’ve done nothing to aggravate you .” The words spilt out of the boys mouth, feeding the aggressive ego standing opposite, fists clenched and face dark red with uncontainable rage. You were frozen in the corner, paralysed with emotions as the situation carried out. The little-boy inside you convulsed in submissive fear as the attack took place. You were guilty, you knew it. You could have, should have stood up to his offence and ended the aggression right then and there, potentially freeing other victims from the mistreatment. Instead, you took refuge in the shadows, hidden away with your thoughts. No one could see your inner coward but yourself,

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  1. Alistair, be careful not to neglect your “scene”. The task asks you to develop a scene and place your reader “in” it.

    The idea of guilt/redemption does not need to be overt. Be discrete with your ideas and the way your present them. The goal is to “show not tell”.


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